Feb 4, 2013

KeePass 2.21

KeePass 2.21


New Features:
  • Generic CSV importer: a group separator can be specified now (for importing group trees).
  • Internal data viewer: added hex viewer mode (which is now the default for unknown data types).
  • In the 'Show Entries by Tag' menu, the number of entries having a specific tag is now shown right of the tag.
  • In the 'Add Tag' menu, a tag is now disabled if all selected entries already have this tag.
  • Auto-Type: added support for right modifier keys.
  • Added special key codes: {WIN}, {LWIN}, {RWIN}, {APPS}, {NUMPAD0} to {NUMPAD9}.
  • Interleaved sending of keys is now prevented by default (if you e.g. have an auto-type sequence that triggers another auto-type, enable the new option 'Allow interleaved sending of keys' in 'Tools' -> 'Options' -> tab 'Advanced').
  • Added '-auto-type-selected' command line option (other running KeePass instances perform auto-type for the currently selected entry).
  • Added option to additionally show references when showing dereferenced data (enabled by default).
  • The selection in a secure edit control is now preserved when unhiding and hiding the content.
  • The auto-type association editing dialog now does not hang anymore when a window of any other application hangs.
  • When an application switches from the secure desktop to a different desktop, KeePass now shows a warning message box; clicking [OK] switches back to the secure desktop.
  • Added 'OK'/'Cancel' buttons in the icon picker dialog.
  • Added support for importing LastPass 2.0.2 CSV files.
  • KeePass now shows an error message when the user accidentally attempts to use a database file as key file.
  • Added support for UTF-16 surrogate pairs.
  • Added UTF-8 BOM support for version information files.
  • The KeePass version is now also shown in the components list in the 'About' dialog.
  • File operations are now context-independent (this e.g. makes it possible to use the 'Activate database' trigger action during locking).
  • Plugins can now register their placeholders to be shown in the auto-type item editing dialog.
  • Plugins can now subscribe to IO access events.
  • Added workaround for .NET bug 694242; status dialogs now scale properly with the DPI resolution.
  • Added workaround for Mono DataGridView.EditMode bug.
  • Added workaround for Mono bug 586901; high Unicode characters in rich text boxes are displayed properly now.
Improvements / Changes:
  • When the main window UI is being unblocked, the focus is not reset anymore, if a primary control has the focus.
  • When opening the icon picker dialog, KeePass now ensures that the currently selected icon is visible.
  • Internal data viewer: improved visibility updating.
  • The e-mail box icon by default is not inherited by new entries anymore.
  • The database is now marked as modified when auto-typing a TAN entry.
  • Enhanced AnyPassword importer to additionally support CSV files exported by AnyPassword Pro 1.07.
  • Enhanced Password Safe XML importer (KeePass tries to fix the broken XML files exported by Password Safe 3.29 automatically).
  • IO credentials can be loaded over IPC now.
  • Enhanced user switch detection.
  • Even when an exception occurs, temporary files created during KDB exports are now deleted immediately.
  • Improved behavior on Unix-like systems when the operating system does not grant KeePass access to the temporary directory.
  • Improved critical sections that are not supposed to be re-entered by the same thread.
  • Improved secure desktop name generation.
  • When a dialog is closed, references within the global client image list to controls (event handlers) are removed now.
  • .NET 4.5 is now preferred, if installed.
  • PLGX plugins are now preferably compiled using the .NET 4.5 compiler, if KeePass is currently running under the 4.5 CLR.
  • Updated KB links.
  • Changed naming of translation files.
  • The installer now always overwrites the KeePassLibC 1.x support libraries.
  • Upgraded installer.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.
  • When locking multiple databases and cancelling a 'Save Changes?' dialog, the UI is now updated correctly.
  • '&' characters in dynamic menu texts, in dialog banner texts, in image combobox texts, in text box prompts and in tooltips are now displayed properly.

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