Feb 28, 2013

Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.8

Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.8 is available

Feb 26, 2013

Piriform CCleaner 3.28

Piriform has released CCleaner 3.28

This tools is really a must-have to cleanup your PC and detect unwanted applications/bar ...


- Improved Windows 8 compatibility.
- Improved cleaning for Windows Log Files.
- Improved memory usage and performance on Windows 7.
- Improved cleaning for Adobe Flash Player and ConvertXToDVD.
- Added cleaning for Gadu-Gadu and Foxit Phantom PDF.
- Faster automatic updating for Pro version.
- Updated various translations.
- Minor GUI improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

Feb 25, 2013

Google Chrome 25.0

Very quiet release of Google Chrome 25.0

No news yet by mail !? but it installs fine, even the Chrome icon is finally present on the desktop.

CDBurnerXP 4.5.1

CDBurnerXP 4.5.1 has been released

CPUZ 1.63

CPU-Z 1.63 is now available in Soft2base without any junk bar (Ask ...)

Feb 20, 2013

what a day

Today, we had new releases for Java 6, Java 7, iTunes, Firefox, Thunderbird and even Microsoft Security Essentials !

CPU-Z 1.63 is also out but it embeds junk software so we will release it only when a solution to avoid the bars is found. Soft2base is still providing v1.62

LibreOffice 4.0 is available but that a big change and it is recommended to stay with 3.6.x for the moment. The plugin API has changed and some major plugins are not yet available in 4.0

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.2

Microsoft has released a new version of it antivirus: Security Essentials

Mozilla Firefox 19.0

Mozilla has released Firefox 19.0


  • NEW-Built-in PDF viewer
  • CHANGED-Canvas elements can export their content as an image blob using canvas.toBlob()
  • CHANGED-Startup performance improvements (bugs 715402 and 756313)
  • DEVELOPER-Debugger now supports pausing on exceptions and hiding non-enumerable properties
  • DEVELOPER-Remote Web Console is available for connecting to Firefox on Android or Firefox OS (experimental, set devtools.debugger.remote-enabled to true)
  • DEVELOPER-There is now a Browser Debugger available for add-on and browser developers (experimental, set devtools.chrome.enabled to true)
  • DEVELOPER-Web Console CSS links now open in the Style Editor
  • HTML5-CSS @page is now supported
  • HTML5-CSS viewport-percentage length units implemented (vh, vw, vmin and vmax)
  • HTML5-CSS text-transform now supports full-width
  • FIXED-Certain valid WebGL drawing operations are incorrectly rejected, leaving incomplete rendering in affected pages (825205)
  • FIXED-Starting Firefox with -private flag incorrectly claims you are not in Private Browsing mode (802274)
  • FIXED-Plugins stop rendering when the top half of the plugin is scrolled off the top of the page, in HiDPI mode (825734)

Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.3

Minor release for Thunderbird: 17.0.3


· MFSA 2013-28 Use-after-free, out of bounds read, and buffer overflow issues found using Address Sanitizer
· MFSA 2013-27 Phishing on HTTPS connection through malicious proxy
· MFSA 2013-26 Use-after-free in nsImageLoadingContent
· MFSA 2013-25 Privacy leak in JavaScript Workers
· MFSA 2013-24 Web content bypass of COW and SOW security wrappers
· MFSA 2013-23 Wrapped WebIDL objects can be wrapped again
· MFSA 2013-22 Out-of-bounds read in image rendering
· MFSA 2013-21 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:19.0 / rv:17.0.3)
· FIXED - Attachments sometimes could not be removed from the composition window using the keyboard, this is now fixed

Apple iTunes 11.0.2

Apple has released a patch for iTunes: version 11.0.2

Oracle Java 7.0.15

The runtime and the SDK of Oracle Java 7.0.15 have been released.

javare / javasdk

Oracle Java 6.0.41

The Runtime and the SDK of Oracle Java 6.0.41 have been released.

javare6 / javasdk6

Feb 19, 2013

WinSCP 5.1.4

WinSCP 5.1.4 has been released


  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1e.
  • Not requiring the .NET assembly to exist in file. 
  • Not considering 3xx error code an error for post-login FTP commands. 
  • Workaround for servers that do not acknowledge file transfer. 
  • Bug fix: Failure after system-wide change. 
  • Bug fix: Issuer and Subject were swapped on Certificate verification prompt. 
  • Bug fix: Traversed subfolders are incorrectly included in find results. 
  • Bug fix: Wrong color indicator on session tab when session was not switched by clicking on the tab. 
  • Bug fix: Failure when auto remote directory refresh was triggered during operation initiated by drag&drop. 
  • Bug fix: Wrong timezone offset was applied with FTP protocol. 
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to preserve timezone offset of 24 hours and greater in stored session.
  • Bug fix: Wrong timestamp conversion with FTP protocol. 
  • Bug fix: Error in .NET assembly when temporary path contains exclamation mark. 
  • Bug fix: Indefinite chain of errors when XML logging fails.


Feb 18, 2013

PiriForm Defraggler 2.13

PiriForm Defraggler 2.13 is out


- Added Quick Defrag scheduling.
- Added Fragmentation Threshold to scheduled defrag options.
- Added option to close Defraggler after defragmentation is complete.
- Added support for 3TB external drives.
- Added support for drives with allocation units greater than 4KB.
- Added support for ReFS file systems.
- Updated translations.
- GUI and usability improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

Feb 16, 2013

Piriform Recuva 1.45

PiriForm has released Recuva 1.45


- Added support for 3TB external drives.
- Added support for hard disks with 4 KB sectors.
- Improved secure overwrite performance.
- Improved NTFS deep scan recovery reliability.
- Added VHD drive image creation for system drives (Pro Version).
- Fixed a minor bug with opening VHD images in Windows.
- Minor GUI improvements.

Feb 14, 2013

AdBlock 2.2.3

AdBlock for Firefox is now at version 2.2.3


This release mostly works around breakage caused by AVG Security Toolbar 14.0.3.* extension, it prevented Adblock Plus from working correctly among other things.

Microsoft Skype 6.2

Microsoft has released Skype 6.2

Feb 13, 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.6

Adobe has released the IE and "other browsers" version 11.6 of the Flash Player plug-in

Slysoft AnyDVD

New minor release of AnyDVD


- New (DVD): Support for new discs
- New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
- Fix (Blu-ray): Incorrect region code detection with some discs
- Some minor fixes and improvements

Feb 5, 2013

Opera 12.14

Opera 12.13 has been quickly removed back to 12.12 on Opera's web site and today a brand new 12.14 is available.

We hope this version of the famous navigator will be more stable !

Feb 4, 2013

Oracle Java 7 update 13

The runtime and the SDK of Oracle Java 7.0.13 have been released.

javare / javasdk

Oracle Java 6 update 39

The Runtime and the SDK of Java 6.0.39 have been released.
javare6 / javasdk6

KeePass 2.21

KeePass 2.21


New Features:
  • Generic CSV importer: a group separator can be specified now (for importing group trees).
  • Internal data viewer: added hex viewer mode (which is now the default for unknown data types).
  • In the 'Show Entries by Tag' menu, the number of entries having a specific tag is now shown right of the tag.
  • In the 'Add Tag' menu, a tag is now disabled if all selected entries already have this tag.
  • Auto-Type: added support for right modifier keys.
  • Added special key codes: {WIN}, {LWIN}, {RWIN}, {APPS}, {NUMPAD0} to {NUMPAD9}.
  • Interleaved sending of keys is now prevented by default (if you e.g. have an auto-type sequence that triggers another auto-type, enable the new option 'Allow interleaved sending of keys' in 'Tools' -> 'Options' -> tab 'Advanced').
  • Added '-auto-type-selected' command line option (other running KeePass instances perform auto-type for the currently selected entry).
  • Added option to additionally show references when showing dereferenced data (enabled by default).
  • The selection in a secure edit control is now preserved when unhiding and hiding the content.
  • The auto-type association editing dialog now does not hang anymore when a window of any other application hangs.
  • When an application switches from the secure desktop to a different desktop, KeePass now shows a warning message box; clicking [OK] switches back to the secure desktop.
  • Added 'OK'/'Cancel' buttons in the icon picker dialog.
  • Added support for importing LastPass 2.0.2 CSV files.
  • KeePass now shows an error message when the user accidentally attempts to use a database file as key file.
  • Added support for UTF-16 surrogate pairs.
  • Added UTF-8 BOM support for version information files.
  • The KeePass version is now also shown in the components list in the 'About' dialog.
  • File operations are now context-independent (this e.g. makes it possible to use the 'Activate database' trigger action during locking).
  • Plugins can now register their placeholders to be shown in the auto-type item editing dialog.
  • Plugins can now subscribe to IO access events.
  • Added workaround for .NET bug 694242; status dialogs now scale properly with the DPI resolution.
  • Added workaround for Mono DataGridView.EditMode bug.
  • Added workaround for Mono bug 586901; high Unicode characters in rich text boxes are displayed properly now.
Improvements / Changes:
  • When the main window UI is being unblocked, the focus is not reset anymore, if a primary control has the focus.
  • When opening the icon picker dialog, KeePass now ensures that the currently selected icon is visible.
  • Internal data viewer: improved visibility updating.
  • The e-mail box icon by default is not inherited by new entries anymore.
  • The database is now marked as modified when auto-typing a TAN entry.
  • Enhanced AnyPassword importer to additionally support CSV files exported by AnyPassword Pro 1.07.
  • Enhanced Password Safe XML importer (KeePass tries to fix the broken XML files exported by Password Safe 3.29 automatically).
  • IO credentials can be loaded over IPC now.
  • Enhanced user switch detection.
  • Even when an exception occurs, temporary files created during KDB exports are now deleted immediately.
  • Improved behavior on Unix-like systems when the operating system does not grant KeePass access to the temporary directory.
  • Improved critical sections that are not supposed to be re-entered by the same thread.
  • Improved secure desktop name generation.
  • When a dialog is closed, references within the global client image list to controls (event handlers) are removed now.
  • .NET 4.5 is now preferred, if installed.
  • PLGX plugins are now preferably compiled using the .NET 4.5 compiler, if KeePass is currently running under the 4.5 CLR.
  • Updated KB links.
  • Changed naming of translation files.
  • The installer now always overwrites the KeePassLibC 1.x support libraries.
  • Upgraded installer.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.
  • When locking multiple databases and cancelling a 'Save Changes?' dialog, the UI is now updated correctly.
  • '&' characters in dynamic menu texts, in dialog banner texts, in image combobox texts, in text box prompts and in tooltips are now displayed properly.

Notepad++ 6.3

Notepad++ is now available at version 6.3


  • The major bug fix and enhancement of regex search replace critical issue.
  • UDL new features and bug fixes.
  • several minor bug fixes.