Dec 21, 2012

Piriform CCleaner 3.26

CCleaner ils now 3.26

Slysoft AnyDVD

Slysoft has release AnyDVD

This is a commercial demo, time limited.


- New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
- New (Blu-ray): Support for Java based playback problems
- Fix (Blu-ray): Crash with some BD+ discs
- New (DVD): Support for new copy protections
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

TortoiseSVN 1.7.11

TortoiseSVN is now 1.7.11
It is linked against the Subversion library 1.7.8.


- BUG: Issue #428: out-of-date error when modifying
       properties from the repository browser. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #429: crash if config file is
       invalid or corrupted. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #430: repo browser does not
       refresh properly. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #433: Show log by date range is using
       only "start" or "end" date, not both. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #435: child items not shown when
       adding an ignored folder. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #437: wrong error message shown
       in repo browser. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #440: svn:needs-lock not recognized
       if it has an empty value. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #441: crash in commit dialog. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #442: "File not found" error when showing log
       of file whose folder has been copied from
       an older revision. (Stefan)

Dec 18, 2012

Opera 12.12

Opera 12.12 has been released


Fixes and Stability Enhancements since Opera 12.11

General and User Interface

  • Several general fixes and stability improvements
  • New option ‘Delete settings and data for all extensions’ option (off by default) in the Delete Private Data dialog
  • Corrected an issue where using the 'Delete Private Data' dialog could delete extension and settings data
  • Redesigned the 'Delete Private Data' dialog to be more usable with small screens
  • Fixed an issue where quitting Opera while in fullscreen mode could cripple the interface on the next start-up


  • Fixed an issue where malformed GIF images could allow execution of arbitrary code; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where repeated attempts to access a target site could trigger address field spoofing, as reported by Masato Kinugawa; see our advisory
  • UNIX-only
    • Fixed an issue where private data could be disclosed to other computer users, or be modified by them, as reported by Jann Horn; see our advisory

Dec 17, 2012

VideoLan 2.0.5

VideoLan 2.0.5 is available

Notepad++ 6.2.3

Notepad++ 6.2.3 has been released.

This the "End of the World Edition" with a funny weather projection

  1. Fix find "\r\n" bug in RegExpr mode.
  2. Change "Delete file" command to "Move to Recycle Bin".
  3. Add Remove empty lines feature.
  4. Change document default value from ANSI to UTF8 w/o BOM.
  5. Enable Word-completion under CJK environment for unicode document.

Dec 16, 2012

Apple iTunes 11.0.1

Apple has already released a patch to the new 11.0: here is the version 11.0.1

Dec 13, 2012

Piriform Defraggler v2.12

Minor release at Piriform: Defraggler is now at v2.12

ChangeLog of v2.12.628 (12 Dec 2012)
- Added Windows 2012 Server support.
- Added support for drives mounted as NTFS junction points.
- Scheduled defrags can now be prevented if specific processes are running.
- Improved placement of fragments larger than 100MB.
- Added advanced crash reporting.
- Updated translations.
- GUI and usability improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

Dec 12, 2012

Java 7 update 10

The Java Runtimes (javare) and Java SDK (javasdk) 7 are now at update 10

Java 6 update 38

Oracle has release Java 6 update 38
The application codes are javare6 and javasdk6

Dec 10, 2012

CDBurnerXP 4.5.0

CDBurnerXP 4.5.0 has been released

Don't get messed with the "XP" in its name, it is fully runnable on Windows Vista, 7, 8 ...


 Version - 2012-12-09 19:24
  • +Extended UDF support (up to version 2.60)
  • +Added "--burn-video" for command line version
  • +Added option to display further special columns in the file view
  • *Automatically set "hidden" attribute of files and folders
  • *Numedia Soft burning library is no longer used: Should solve various issues like no device detection on AHCI systems, 100% CPU usage while burning, and similar issues. Should also decrease startup time a little.
  • !Fixed many issues, in particular audio burning should be more reliable
  • !Restored support for Windows 2000

Dec 5, 2012

Apache LibreOffice 3.6.4

Apache LibreOffice is now 3.6.4

Note: if no recent Java is found, Java 6 will be installed. If you want Java 7 instead, please install the javare application and after, in a second step, libreoffice.

Nov 30, 2012

Apple iTunes 11.0

Apple has finally released iTunes

As the official silent install is producing an invalid setup, we are extracting the msi from the setup file to install them one by one.

Nov 29, 2012

Avast 7.0 install without Google Chrome, Google Toolbar

Avast! is using a new schema to install Google Chrome and Google Toolbar during its setup.

Soft2base catalog has been updated to install Avast without installing these Google applications.

Google Chrome is a nice application, but needs to be install on our demand.

The Google toolbars should be avoided.

Nov 27, 2012

Piriform CCleaner 3.25

The useful CCleaner is now at version 3.25

v3.25.1872 (26 Nov 2012)
- Added Google Chrome Extension management.
- Improved compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
- Improved security when managing Firefox plugins.
- Improved internal module loading speed.
- Added cleaning for Adobe Dreamweaver, Corel PaintShop Pro X5 and Anonymizer. 
- Improved cleaning for Microsoft Office 2010 and ImgBurn.
- GUI navigation improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

Slysoft Anydvd

Slysoft has release AnyDVD

This is a commercial demo, time limited.

Changelog: 2012 11 23
- New (Blu-ray): Added option to allow Speedmenu to play the original disc menu
- New (Blu-ray): Speedmenu can now be localized
- New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
- New (DVD): Support for new copy protections
- Fix (Installer): Shortcut creation, if "ProgramData" directory is moved to a different partition (Windows Vista and up)
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

Nov 22, 2012

Piriform Recuva 1.44

Recuva 1.44 has been released.

It is always a pleasure to see good products like Piriform's ones.

Adblock Plus 2.2 for Firefox

The excellent/mandatory/vital ads blocker for Firefox is now at version 2.2

Should you install only one extension in Firefox, use Adblock Plus for a fresh surf.

Skype 6.0.126

Very minor release: Skype 6.0.126

Nov 19, 2012

Google Chrome 23.0

Google has released Chrome 23.0.1471.64

Nice product but a *&%$*"ç€! install process:
  • no official site with the latest stable version
  • no exe stable link
  • the msi product version is not the same in registry as the exe one 
  • only silent install
They couldn't make it more complex to deploy. What a shame, Mozilla's links are stable since years !

Finally, Soft2base's Catalog has been updated to provide the MSI version (silent install, all users) and to detect both EXE (user or system) and MSI installations :)

NotePad++ 6.2.2

Notepad++ is now at v6.2.
One week after the 6.2.1, a critical link styling bug in php document has been fixed. 2 new features are added in this version as well.

Nov 15, 2012

MSSE in Japanese is now availble

I need to recognize that Microsoft support is really taking care of customers' requests: after some mail exchanges, the MSSE executable for Japan is back online :)

Therefore the "jp" language is back in Soft2base catalog for MS Security Essential 5.1

Nov 6, 2012

Opera 12.10

The web browser Opera is now at version 12.10

It is declined in 32 bits and 64 bits versions.

Nov 4, 2012

LibreOffice 3.6.3

There is a new update for the LibreOffice 3.6 branch: 3.6.3

CPU-Z 1.62

CPU-Z 1.62 has been released.

It is available in English and Chinese for 32 bits and 64 bits architectures.

Oct 30, 2012

No more MS Security Essentials for Japan :(

Sad news: Japanese is no longer proposed in the languages select box when downloading MSSE.
Therefore our catalog has been updated.

See it in action:

EDIT: MSSE in Japanese is back online

Mozilla ThunderBird 16.0.2

After Firefox, that's Thunderbird's turn to go to v16.0.2

Oct 29, 2012

Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.4

Oracle has released a minor update of VirtualBox: 4.2.4

Note: the drivers installation requires a user interaction, so the install is not fully silent

Oct 26, 2012

Skype 6.10

Skype is now at version 6.10

Piriform CCleaner 3.24

Piriform has released CCleaner 3.24

MS Security Essentials 4.1 for Japan is not available from MS web site

Bad news for Japanese users, the MS Security Essentials setup files are currently not available from the MS web site.

The links provided from the official download pages are not found !

See in japaneses
Then the following links are down:

We hope that MS will fix this asap and come back to warn you.

EDIT: the links have changed but MSSE in Japanese is back online

Oct 25, 2012

Soft2base 3.0c

Soft2base 3.0 has been released 

The link remains the same:

The library format is still using the same (version c). Therefore it is compatible with Soft2base 2.1 and 3.0

When Soft2base 2.x is started, you will be asked to update or not.

This is a major update focusing on the stability of the interface:
  • Select All/Unselect All visible applications
  • Display icons next to filter captions
  • Enhanced display when enlarging the window
  • Added a scroll bar in the language select box
  • New logo
  • Smoother display of the applications list
  • The progress bar of the installation is blue to differentiate it from the download ones (green). (Vista+ only)
  • Enhanced GUI code for a better GUI experience
  • Log entry when an application requires another one
  • New applications: FlashPlayer for IE, TortoiseSVN

Oct 24, 2012

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is now available in Soft2base Catalog

Warning: under Windows XP,  .NET 4.0 is the latest available.

Avast 7.0.1473

New minor upgrade for Avast 7.0.1473

Glary Utilities 2.50

New minor upgrade for Glary Utilities: now at v2.50.0.1632

Oct 21, 2012

Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.2

Oracle has released a first update of VirtualBox in the 4.2 branch: 4.2.2

As for previous versions, there are drivers installed that require a user interaction, so the install is not fully silent :(

KeePass 2.20.1

KeePass 2.20.1 has been released 

A fast maintenance release above the recent 2.20

Oct 20, 2012

Oct 17, 2012

Java 7 update 9

The Java Runtimes (javare) and Java SDK (javasdk) 7 are now at update 9

Java 6 update 37

The Java Runtimes (javare6) and Java SDK (javasdk6) 6 are now at update 37

Oct 16, 2012

New in catalog: FlashPlayer for IE 11.4

FlashPlayer for Internet Explorer is now in the catalog: v11.4

We don't recommend to use IE but sometimes we must use it so ... here is Flash Player for IE

Oct 12, 2012

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird 16.0.1

Sounds messy around Firefox: yesterday, Mozilla has removed the link to Firefox 16.0 and linked back to 15.0.1

Today, a brand new 16.0.1 is available, I hope all is fixed ...

Oct 11, 2012

Mozilla ThunderBird 16.0

After Firefox yesterday, that's Thunderbird's turn to go to v16.0

Microsft Security Essentials 4.1.0522

MSSE is now at version 4.1.0522
The detection of the version in registry has been updated to accomodate with the new signature.

Oct 4, 2012

LibreOffice 3.6.2

LibreOffice 3.6.2 has been released.

Now that Apache is delivering new versions of OpenOffice, the choice is even harder !

Let's cross our fingers these teams will be super-motivated to provide really nice tools,

Long life to the OpenDocument format !

InfraRecorder for 64 bits systems

The 64 bits version of InfraRecorder has been added to the catalog.
The 32 bits version remains unchanged.

What an odd setup with an EXEcutable installer for 32 bits and a MSI file for 64 bits ;)

I definitely don't understand why MSI is not the only way to provide installers, like rpm or deb in some other worlds ...

Oct 3, 2012

New in catalog: Tigris TortoiseSVN 1.7.9

The SVN client TortoiseSVN 1.7.9 has been added to the Soft2base catalog under the development section.

This tool is very well integrated in the Windows Explorer, making source code versioning so easy.

Oct 1, 2012

Fixes for WinSCP and MS Live

Some fixes in the Catalog today
  • The WinSCP installer was stopped when an instance of WinSCP was running
  • Several international links of Microsft Live Essentials were invalid (ex: the Chinese and Norvegian links)

Python 3.3.0

The Python 3 project is now v3.3.0

Retrieve it as python3 in the catalag.

Note: Python 2.7.3 is also available in Soft2base catalog, as python2 $


New syntax features:
  • New yield from expression for generator delegation.
  • The u'unicode' syntax is accepted again for str objects.
New library modules:
  • faulthandler (helps debugging low-level crashes)
  • ipaddress (high-level objects representing IP addresses and masks)
  • lzma (compress data using the XZ / LZMA algorithm)
  • unittest.mock (replace parts of your system under test with mock objects)
  • venv (Python virtual environments, as in the popular virtualenv package)
New built-in features:
Implementation improvements:
Significantly Improved Library Modules:
Security improvements:
  • Hash randomization is switched on by default.

Sep 26, 2012

WinSCP 5.1

A new major release for WinSCP :  5.1

 - Includes translations:
   Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean,
   Norwegian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish,
   Traditional Chinese
 - In addition to installing application executable file,
   it can install public key tools (Pageant, PuTTYgen) and
   create start menu items, desktop icons etc.
 - Also includes Windows shell extension for direct drag&drop downloads and
   console interface tool for running scripts from command-line
 - The installer includes Google Chrome recommendation.
   WinSCP application itself does not contain any ads.
   By using the installer you support WinSCP development.

Google Chrome 22.0

Google has released Chrome 22.0

CDBurnerXP 4.4.2

CDBurnerXP is now v4.4.2

NeoSmart Technologies EasyBCD 2.2

NeoSmart Technologies has released EasyBCD 2.2
This is a powerful boot manager, ideal to setup dual-boot

Sep 25, 2012

Microsoft .NET 2.0 SP2

Soft2base is now offering Microsoft .NET 2.0 SP2 instead of SP1

Note: this .NET 2 is not visible in the application tree but is needed for EasyBCD and CDBurnerXP on fresh Windows XP setup, i.e. when .NET 3 or 4 is not yet installed.

Sep 21, 2012

KeePass 2.20

KeePass 2.20 has been released 

KeePass 2.20 mainly features a KDBX file security enhancement, usability and integration improvements, and various other minor new features and improvements.

All changes:

PiriForm Speccy 1.18

PiriForm has release Speccy 1.18


  • v1.18.379 (20 Sep 2012)
    - Added detection of .NET version. 
    - Added Security Options to Operating System. 
    - Improved calculation method for System Uptime. 
    - Added Network Access to Sharing and Discovery. 
    - Operating System language is now displayed in full. 
    - Improved detection of hard drive manufacturers. 
    - Improved analysis of Active Power Scheme. 
    - Added support for 30 minute timezones. 
    - Time zone now recognizes GMT and UTC as the same thing. 
    - Time of last Windows update is now correctly interpreted. 
    - Fixed issue that could cause the webcam manufacturer to be incorrectly reported. 
    - 'Simple File Sharing' and 'File and Printer Sharing' are now correct on XP. 
    - Fixed Wi-Fi SSID reporting on Windows 7. 
    - Minor GUI improvements.

Slysoft Anydvd

Slysoft has released another minor version of Anydvd:

ChangeLog: 2012 09 20
- New (Blu-ray): Support for new Java based protection
- New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
- New (Blu-ray): Improved region code removal
- New (Blu-ray): "Remove annoying adverts and trailers" no longer
  requires to have "Remove Blu-ray Region Code" enabled
- New (Blu-ray): Improved "Remove annoying adverts and trailers"
  to work better with some 3D discs
- Fix (Blu-ray): "Disable BD-Live" had to be enabled by the user
  for some discs to work
- New (DVD): Support for new copy protections
- Fix (DVD): Ripper "IFOProperties 6" error with some discs
- Some minor fixes and improvements

Note: until Sunday, September 30 2012 SlySoft offers a 20% discount on all products.

Sep 20, 2012

Apple iTunes 10.7

Apple iTunes 10.7 is now in the catalog

Notepad++ 6.1.8

Notepad++ is now v6.1.8

In this version, a regression of wrong behaviour  is fixed : a "No more disk space" message is displayed while saving an empty file.

Sep 14, 2012

Soft2base v2.1 has been released

Soft2base v2.1 is available for download.

The link remains the same:

When Soft2base 2.0 is started, you will be asked to choose to update or not.

The following items were fixed and/or added:
  • Soft2base GUI now in German and Portugues Brazil
  • 31 languages are available during the application setup.
  • More parallel downloads by default.
  • Added an animation during the application installation.
  • The Next button now offers to quit Soft2base after the installations
  • New dependency link between applications
  • Enhanced auto-update
  • More accurate log information
  • Existing versions are displayed without [a-z] characters.
  • More applications: 
    • TrueCrypt
    • EasyBCD
    • Microsoft Live Messenger
    • Microsoft Movie Maker

Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.0

Oracle has released a new major version of VirtualBox: 4.2.0

As for previous versions, there are drivers installed that require a user interaction, so the install is not fully silent :(

Sep 10, 2012

Oracle VirtualBox 4.1.22

Oracle has released VirtualBox 4.1.22
There will be soon a new major version 4.2. it is currently in Release Candidate 4

Sep 3, 2012

Sep 2, 2012

Infrarecorder 0.53

The CD/DVD burning tool Infrarecorder is now v0.53

Java 7 update 7 and Java 6 update 35

Oracle has fixed an important security breach in Java that was allowing a potential full remote access !
It is highly recommanded to upgrade to the latest version of v7 and v6:
  • Java
  • Java

Abiword site is back online

Now that the abiword website is back online, the Soft2base Catalog has been reconfigured to use this location.

Aug 29, 2012

Unison is exiting the catalog

Unison is a nice sync tool but it is lacking a decent windows installer.
It is now removed from Soft2base catalog

What's happening to Abiword ?

The official Abiword website is now offline for several days :(
 Is Abiword project dead or only its web site ?

For the moment, Soft2base will continue to provide Abiword 2.8.6 executable from a mirror. (French dictionary is also available)

Mozilla Firefox 15.0 and Thunderbird 15.0

Mozilla has released Firefox 15.0 and ThunderBird 15.0

Aug 27, 2012

Piriform CCleaner 3.22

Piriform has released a new minor version of CCleaner: 3.22

GIMP 2.8.2

Right after the 2.8 release, here is the GIMP 2.8.2

Oracle VirtualBox 4.1.20

Oracle has released VirtualBox 4.1.20
There will be soon a new major version 4.2. it is currently in beta

Aug 24, 2012

Apache Open Office 3.4.1

As announce by Apache during the release of 3.4.0, a new 3.4.1 has been released quikly in order to fix various bugs.

Aug 22, 2012

FlashPlayer 11.4

Adobe has made available a security release for FlashPlayer : 11.4.402.265

Aug 17, 2012

Aug 16, 2012

Notepad++ 6.1.6

A minor version update of Notepad++ has been released today: 6.1.6

Aug 10, 2012

Glary Utilities 2.48

Glary Utilities are now 2.48
Soft2base is providing an installation without the Ask Bar.

Aug 8, 2012

LibreOffice 3.6.0

A new important version is out today for LibreOffice: 3.6.0
Note: if no recent Java is found, Java 6 will be installed. If you want Java 7 instead, please install the javare application and after, in a second step, libreoffice.

Jul 22, 2012

Jul 12, 2012


Slysoft has released a minor version of Anydvd:
Now available in Soft2base catalog

Speccy 1.17

Piriform has released Speccy 1.17
The catalog has been updated to provide it

LibreOffice 3.5.5

The minor release of LibreOffice v3.5.5 is now in Soft2base catalog
The release 3.6.0 is coming soon, stay tuned.

Jul 4, 2012

Adblock 2.1.1+ is available

Adblock is moving from v2.0.3 to v2.1.1

This is a latest-version link :)
This is why there is a + in its version name 

Jul 3, 2012

Audacity 2.0.1 will be part of Soft2base 2.1

Audacity 2.0.1 is out but its odd version definition has required a small code change in Soft2base.

Therefore Soft2base 2.0 will continue to reference Audacity 2.0 until Soft2base 2.1 is released (in July)

Videolan 2.0.2 is out

As said at v2.0.1 time , Videolan 2.0.2 is available in both 32 and 64 bits

Chrome 20.0 has been released

Chrome 20.0 has been released.

The installer is "silent" only and disallows the selection of the language :( as it selects automatically the machine language.
Hopefully one can change this in the advanced parameters, by adding the desired language and using it for the GUI.

(Linux users: Chrome 20.0 is available in 64bits)

Jun 27, 2012

VideoLan 2.0.1 now in 64 bits

Since the latest version (2.0.1), The VideoLan Client is also available for 64 bits system.You can now retrieve it in Soft2base.

Minor update for CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP is still at version 4.4.1 but the build number is now 3243

Soft2base will be also in Portuguese Brazilian

The Soft2base GUI and Catalog have been translated in Portuguese Brazilian

This will be available in the upcoming version 2.1c, beside the German, English, Italian and French translations.

Notepad++ 6.1.4

Notepad++ is now at version 6.1.4

CCleaner 3.20 is available

Piriform has released the version 3.20 of the excellent CCleaner

Jun 21, 2012

VirtualBox 4.1.18 released

Oracle has released VirtualBox 4.1.18, a maintenance release of VirtualBox 4.1 which improves stability and fixes regressions.

Jun 15, 2012

Opera 12.00 is available

Opera is releasing a major update of its web browser: 12.00

Opera is now using hardware acceleration for better performance, adds nice themes and camera support.
A 64-bits version is now available for Windows.

Soft2base is providing Opera 12.00 in 32-bits and 64-bits.

iTunes 10.6.3 is available

Apple has released a minor change for iTunes. It is now at version 10.6.3

Minor update for Java 6 and 7

Java RE and Java SDK are now available as version 7.0.5 and 6.0.33

Jun 11, 2012

WinScp 4.3.8 + international setup

  • The files transfer tool WinScp is now version 4.3.8. The catalog has also been updated to support the install language selection for winscp.

Jun 6, 2012

Fix for Irfanview 4.33 version tester

Irfanview 4.33 has a small bug in registry: it still indicates v4.32 thus preventing Soft2base from detecting the correct version.
This has been fixed using the executable version.

Firefox 13.0 and ThunderBird 13.0

Mozilla has released Firefox 13.0 and ThunderBird 13.0
Available in multiple languages, as usual.

Jun 5, 2012

XnView 1.99 and Glary's Utilities 2.46

It was a long time since the last release of XnView. It is now in v1.99
The Glary's Utilities have been updated to v2.46

May 29, 2012

Notepad 6.1.3, Google Earth 6.2.2, Picasa

  • Notepad ++ is now v6.1.3
  • Google Earth 6.2.2
  • Minor release update for Google Picasa 3.9

May 16, 2012

Java 7 : previous versions are now detected

The checker of Java v7 is now handling versions 5 and 6.

This is particularly useful when you plan to install Open Office or Libre Office on a machine with Java 5 or 6 already installed: soft2base won't force anymore the update to Java 7

Note: Java 1.4 and prior are considered as "to be updated" asap !

Applications are now sorted alphabetically

In order to ease the retrieval of applications, the catalog is now sorted alphabetically

Catalog Updates: Chrome 19, Opera 11.64, Glary Utils 2.45, Quick Time 7.7.2

  • Google Chrome 19.0 - New major release
  • Opera 11.64
  • Quick Time 7.7.2
  • Glay utilities 2.45

May 8, 2012

Java 7.0.4 now available

Java 7 Runtime and SDK are now provided by Soft2base as default Java: javare and javasdk.

Java 6 remains available for a moment as javare6 and javasdk6

Catalog Updates: Open Office 3.4.0

  • Open Office now in version 3.4.0 : the first release since the move to Apache. Warning: some languages are not yet available (bg da el ko pl ro tr)

Apr 30, 2012

Catalog updates: new links to Open Office, AnyDVD

  • AnyDVD
  • OpenOffice executables are now hosted in SourceForge site. The application stays in v3.3.0.

Apr 27, 2012

Catalog updates: MSSE, CCleaner, VirtualBox, Notepad++, iTunes

  • MS Security Essentials 4.0 (more languages)
  • CCleaner 3.18
  • VirtualBox 4.1.4
  • Notepad ++ 6.1.2
  • iTunes 10.6.1

Apr 24, 2012

Catalog Updates: Firefox, Thunderbird, Cpu-Z

  • Firefox 11.0 --> 12.0 
  • Thunderbird 11.0.1 --> 12.0 
  • CPU-Z 1.60 --> 1.60.1 (still without Ask bar)

Apr 19, 2012

Apple is downgrading iTunes back to 10.6

Funny point this morning, the iTunes application on the Apple site is back to version 10.6 (March 7th, 2012) The latest version was released on March 28th ;)

Based on some Apple forums feedbacks, it appears that 10.6.1 is having a lot of bugs (pb of sync, break Apple TV link etc)

Therefore, Soft2base will revert back to 10.6 as well.

EDIT (Apr 24): Apple sounds to have serious cache or web cluster issues as the iTunes download page is constantly moving from 10.6 to 10.6.1 and back. So this last version will be re-integrated soon

Catalog updates: Notepad++, Skype, Python, LibreOffice

  • Notepad++ 6.1 --> 6.1.1
  • LibreOffice 3.5.1 --> 3.5.2
  • Python 2.7.2 --> 2.7.3
  • Python 3.2.2 --> 3.2.3
  • Skype 5.8 --> 5.9

Apr 11, 2012

Catalog updates: Daemon Tools, Adobe reader, Picasa

  • DAEMON Tools Lite: 4.45.3 -> 4.45.4 
  • Adobe PDF reader: 10.1.1 -> 10.1.2 for some countries. Added Polish, Turk and Greek languages. 
  • Google Picasa: ->
  • Fixed the CloneDVD silent install

The Glary Utilities are now in the catalog

The Glary Utilities have been added to the Soft2base catalog.

This all-in-one maintenance tool offers tons of functionnalities. It could reach the "top" section pretty soon !
Piriform applications have a serious concurrent. is back online - Java links updated is now back online, the catalog has been restored to use links from

Java RE links using a mirror while is offline

The Soft2base catalog is now using mirror Java links outside, until this domain is back online.

You can install Java RE and SDK on both x32 and x64 systems. is offline !!

The links to the Java Runtimes are down due to the unavailability.

A workaround will be put in place until is up again so that Soft2base can continue to install the JRE.

Don't ask me why SUN.COM is down, I don't know, that's enormous and frightening

Apr 5, 2012

CPU-Z: silent install without the Ask bar. Support Chinese lang

CPU-Z 1.60 is using a new setup process. The catalog has been updated to install it without the toolbar.
It is available in both English and Chinese

Avast: silent install without Chrome

Soft2base can now run the silent install of Avast 7.0 without installing Chrome

We have removed Avast from the "top" list due to this new policy and the sizing of the application. Whenever possible (Genuine Windows), we recommand to use Microsoft Security Essentials instead.

Apr 4, 2012

Updated: Flash Player 11.2

Adobe Flash Player is now version 11.2

Disabled: Avira Antivirus

Avira 2012 is now bundled with the Ask Toolbar and is no longer providing a silent installer.

As Avast 7.0 and Microsoft Security Essentials are pretty fine and offer a real silent installer, Avira is now disabled (status=0 in the catalog).

Apr 2, 2012

Soft2base v2.0 is released !

The new executable for Soft2base 2.0 is available for download.

The main new features are
  • Compare applications version (older, same, new, newest) to ease upgrades 
  • Downloads of setup files are now done in parallel
  • First application ready First installed
  • Silent install supports 19 languages
  • Save / Load list of applications in profiles
  • Advanced configuration stored in a custom ini file (soft2base.ini by default)
  • The executable and the application catalog are managed separately
  • Dynamic GUI language selection (En/Fr/It)
Improvments in existing features
  • Applications are stored dynamically by category
  • The USB/offline modes have been improved
  • Silent mode for Soft2base

Soft2base 1.2 is now frozen

With the upcoming Soft2base 2.0, the Soft2base v1.2 will be frozen at version 1.2.35

The catalog for the version 1.2 will continue to receive updates when compatible. Please plan to upgrade to v2.0 as soon as possible

Catalog updates

Recent updates in the Soft2base 2.0 catalog
  • AnyDVD    ->
  • Audacity              1.3.14b ->      2.0
  • Avast!Antivirus     6.0 ->      7.0
  • CCleaner             3.16 ->     3.17
  • GoogleChrome    17.0 ->     18.0
  • Firefox                10.0.2 ->     11.0
  • ImgBurn     ->
  • IrfanView_FR     4.32 ->     4.33
  • IrfanView            4.32 ->     4.33
  • iTunes                 10.5.3 ->   10.6.1
  • LibreOffice          3.5.0 ->    3.5.1
  • Notepad              5.9.8 ->      6.0
  • Opera                  11.61 ->    11.62
  • Thunderbird         10.0.2 ->   11.0.1
  • VideoLAN          2.0.0 ->    2.0.1
  • VirtualBox           4.1.8 ->   4.1.10
  • Xbmc                  10.1 ->     11.0
  • XnView               1.98.7 ->   1.98.8

Mar 19, 2012

Release 1.2.35a : version updates

  • VideoLan 2.0.1 
  • Avast    7.0 
  • VideoLan    2.0.1 
  • Firefox    11.0 
  • Thunderbird    11.0 
  • VirtualBox    4.1.10 
  • AnyDVD 
  • CPU-Z    1.60 
  • Speccy    1.16 
  • Libre Office    3.5.1

Feb 28, 2012

Release 1.2.34a : version updates

  • VideoLan 2.0  
  • Java 6.0.31  
  • Libre Office 3.5.0  
  • Firefox 10.0.2  
  • Thunderbird 10.0.2  
  • Chrome 17.0  
  • Google Earth 6.2  
  • Skype 5.8  
  • CCleaner 3.16  
  • GIMP 2.6.12  
  • AnyDVD  
  • WinSCP 4.3.7  
  • Daemon Tools 4.45.3  

Jan 27, 2012

Release 1.2.32a : version updates

The following application versions have been updated:
  • Opera 11.61
  • CCleaner 3.15
  • Deffragler 2.09
  • Speccy 1.15
  • Daemon Tools 4.45.2

Jan 18, 2012

What's new in the future v2.0

The upcoming Soft2base v2.0 is a complete rewritting of the application in order to overcome limitations seen in v1.x

What's so exciting ?
  • The downloads are done in parallel
  • First downloaded First installed
  • Multi-language installation (added spanish, portuguese, german, dutch, japanese ....)
  • Save / Load list of applications in profiles
  • Compare applications version (older, same, new, newest) to ease upgrades
  • Advanced configuration stored in a custom ini file (soft2base.ini by default)
  • The executable and the application database are totally splitted 
  • Dynamic GUI language selection (currently En/Fr)
As before
  • Applications are stored by theme
  • The offline mode (for setup from USB drive) has been improved
  • Silent mode
Release Date
  • We expect to release Soft2base 2.0 in March 2012

Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This is the first post of the Soft2base blog!

2011 has been a very busy year with the development of the new version 2.0

Along with this new version, there should be soon a new web site ( and a new blog (here)