Dec 23, 2013

Captvty 1.11.11

Captvty v1.11.11 has been released

Dec 20, 2013

MS Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Runtime

The runtime MS Visual C++ 2010 SP1 is now available in Soft2base catalog

WinSCP 5.5

WinSCP v5.5.0 has been released

Dec 19, 2013

Piriform CCleaner 4.09

Piriform has released CCleaner v4.09


  • v4.09.4471 (19 Dec 2013)

    - Added Google Chrome v32 cleaning and startup management.
    - Added individual cookie cleaning from Cookies screen.
    - Improved Internet Explorer 11 DOMStore cleaning.
    - Added Shutdown after cleaning option.
    - Improved Live Monitoring notifications (CCleaner Professional only).
    - Added Alcohol 52%, The Bat and Nero 14 Platinum HD cleaning.
    - Improved Camfrog Video Chat, Alcohol 120%, Adobe Fireworks 6.0, Nero 12 Platinum HD Suite, Nero Video 11 and eMule cleaning.
    - Minor GUI improvements.
    - Minor bug fixes.

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.6

Oracle has released VirtualBox v4.3.6.91406

    VirtualBox 4.3.6 (released 2013-12-18)

    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VINF_EM_TRIPLE_FAULT caused by VMCB caching with nested paging on certain AMD CPUs 
    • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_VMX_UNEXPECTED_INTERRUPTION_EXIT_TYPE while intercepting debug exceptions
    • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_SVM_UNEXPECTED_EXIT while intercepting debug register accesses 
    • VMM: fixed a VERR_SSM_STRUCTURE_MAGIC error when trying to load a saved state made with VBox 4.3.4 when VT-x/AMD-V is disabled. Unfortunately, VBox 4.3.4 produced broken saved states for this configuration so you have to discard these states 
    • VMM: added a few more MSRs to the whitelist required by certain guests 
    • GUI: fixed deleting of inaccessible VMs 
    • GUI: fixed warnings in VM settings / number of guest processors 
    • Main: don't automatically enable 64-bit guests on 64-bit hosts if VT-x/AMD-V is not available 
    • Main: always expose the DMI memory information to Windows 2012 guests 
    • Main: fixed occasional crashes on guest display resolution change 
    • Main: fixed reporting back temporary name when calling IGuestSession::DirectoryCreateTemp() 
    • API: fix for a hang when launching a GUI VM through the API, which crashes due to GUI unavailability
    • Storage: fix for BLKCACHE_IOERR runtime errors under rare circumstances 
    • Network: allow to start more than 5 PCNet instances 
    • E1000: if the cable was disconnected before the guest initialized the device, the link status was not properly set to 'down' after the initialization completed despite the fact that there was no connection
    • 3D support: fixed offset of guest 3D image elements 
    • Solaris hosts: fixed accessing the host driver from non-global zones 

Dec 18, 2013

CDBurnerXP 4.5.2

CDBurnerXP v4.5.2.4478 has been released

IrfanView 4.37

IrfanView v4.37 has been released


Version 4.37 ( - CURRENT VERSION - ) (Release date: 2013-12-16)
  • New options in Resample dialog: Use Resample filters for shrinking; Gamma fix
  • Improved GIF animations
  • Features from Adobe-8BF PlugIn (8BF_FILTERS.DLL) moved to Effects PlugIn
  • New Image menu: Adobe 8BF PlugIns; with new fixed and dynamic PlugIns like:
    Perspective Transformations and SmartCurve - big thanks to PlugIn authors!
  • Option to set custom folder for Adobe 8BF PlugIns menu (Properties->PlugIns)
  • Added Drag&Drop from Thumbnails window to another programs
  • New menu: File->Open Recent Files (can be disabled in Properties->Misc)
  • New option in Advanced Batch dialog: Don't shrink bigger images
  • Added Center option for Crop in Advanced Batch dialog and /crop
  • Replace Color option can work on selections
  • GIF bug fixed (credits to Dmitry Janushkevich, Secunia Research, CVE-2013-5351)
  • MrSID bug fixed (reported by Parvez Anwar via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
  • Japanese folder name bug fixed (reported by Asuka Nakajima via JPCERT/CC, CVE-2013-6932)
  • Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

Dec 13, 2013

Captvty 1.11.10

Captvty v1.11.10 has been released.

Slysoft AnyDVD

Slysoft has released AnyDVD v7.3.8.0

ChangeLog 2013 12 12
  • New: WinDVD is now supported by AnyDVD's unique Cinavia fix
  • New: Nero Blu-ray player 12.0.20064 is now supported by AnyDVD's unique Cinavia fix
  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • New (DVD): Support for new discs
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

Dec 11, 2013

VideoLAN 2.1.2

VideoLAN v2.1.2 has been releasedNo change log available

Notepad 6.5.2

Notepad v6.5.2 has been released


  • Add sort lines feature.
  • Make 2 external commands as build-in commands: Open containing folder in Explorer/cmd.
  • URL hovered highlighting can be customized.
  • Fix the bug that Global Styles are not loaded completely in Stylers Configurator.
  • Improve php and js parsers in functionList.
  • Add panel icons for 6 panels: ascii insertion, clipboard history, doc map, doc switcher, function list and project.
  • Fix function list class border determination problem (while open/close symbols are in the comment zone).
  • Fix crash (buffer overflowed problem) for function calltip.
  • Fix a bug in path auto-completion feature.
  • Fix tab close button's color remains hovered while mouse leaves.
  • Update html auto-completion file.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 24.2.0

    Mozilla has released Thunderbird v24.2.0

    Mozilla Firefox 26.0

    Mozilla has released Firefox v26.0

    Dec 4, 2013

    WinSCP 5.1.8

    WinSCP v5.1.8 has been released


    Release notes for WinSCP 5.1.8 (2013-12-04)-------------------------------------------winscp518setup.exe - MD5: 171e313e466be35ed025ee801673fa95 - SHA1: c074398c6563d7e4de61203f1246c9cfc2f80a8b - Installation package - Includes translations:   Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian,   Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian,   Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese,   Turkish - In addition to installing application executable file,   it can install public key tools (Pageant, PuTTYgen) and   create start menu items, desktop icons etc. - Also includes Windows shell extension for direct drag

    Opera 18.0 (based on chromium)

    Opera v18.0.1284.49 has been released.
    Since v15, Opera is motored by Chromium
    Therefore, this is a x32 only application.

    Some months later, Opera is now at v18, it finally feels like a normal web-browser.

    Dec 2, 2013

    XnView 2.12

    XnView v2.12 has been released


      • Extension problem with plugins
      • Extension not added after capture
      • Extension in extract all - more info
      • CharSet not saved in .sld - more info

    Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.4

    Oracle has released VirtualBox v4.3.4.91027


      VirtualBox 4.3.4 (released 2013-11-29)

      This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    • VMM: fix for a bug in the Local APIC emulation causing a BSOD when booting certain guests (4.3.0 regression; bug #12240)
    • VMM: fixed loading of saved states if VT-x/AMD-V was disabled (4.3.2 regression; bug #12291)
    • VMM: fixed single-stepping inside the guest for certain instructions (VT-x only; bug #10947)
    • VMM: fixed a performance issue involving APIC accesses after rebooting a VM (4.3.0 regression; VT-x only; bug #12296)
    • VMM: fixed TPR patching to be enabled for 32-bit guests even when the chosen guest type is 64-bit (4.3.0 regression; AMD-V only)
    • VMM: fixed occasional VINF_EM_TRIPLE_FAULT errors on hosts without the unrestricted guest execution feature (bug #12198)
    • GUI: don't bother the user with the BPP warning if no Guest Additions are installed
    • GUI: fixed machine-window paint artifacts on VM reboot / guest-screen resize
    • GUI: make sure the assigned license and description are attached to the exported appliance
    • GUI: fixed bugs in close VM action restrictions handling (bug #12333)
    • GUI: fixed incorrect wizards text colors for some unusual look and feel styles (bug #11743)
    • GUI: should restore seamless mode as soon as possible after VM reboot or shutdown
    • GUI: fixes for medium enumeration
    • GUI: the OS X hot corners were not accessible while a VirtualBox VM is running (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #4139)
    • GUI: fixed an old bug which bared the host from cleanly shutdown / reboot if the VM selector window is open (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #8254)
    • Host-only Networking: fixed creating of host-only network interfaces (4.3.0 regression; bug #12182)
    • NAT: don't run into an infinite loop in case the host cannot access any DNS server (4.3.0 regression; bug #12300)
    • NAT: don't re-connect the cable if the DNS information changes and the cable was disconnected before (4.3.0 regression; bug #12225)
    • NAT: fixed several issues with automatically starting / terminating of NAT networks on VM start / stop and configuration changes
    • VBoxNetDHCP: don't block prevent VBoxSVC from terminating (bug #12264)
    • 2D Video acceleration: fix crashes on presentation mode switches (bug #9194)
    • BusLogic: allow to run VMs with more than one BusLogic SCSI controller enabled
    • Keyboard: fixed a VM crash if a VM was resumed from a saved state where at least one key was pressed (bug #11289)
    • VBoxSVC: fixed a heap corruption under certain conditions (4.3.0 regression)
    • VBoxSVC: fixed a race leading to a hang during initialization (bug #12349)
    • OVF: fixed import logic for OVF appliances containing multiple VMs
    • OVF: improved logic for finding an appropriate image format during OVF import
    • API: block the removal of the current snapshot if it has child snapshots (only relevant for VMs without snapshottable hard disks, their presence always prevented removal), which resulted in VM configuration corruption
    • API: mark VM configurations with snapshots but without current snapshot as inaccessible, as this combination is nonsense
    • API: fixed information for some automatically generated events (only with XPCOM, Windows host was not affected), which caused errors when getting some of the attributes over the webservice (bug #12379)
    • SDK: extended the functionality coverage for the C bindings
    • Guest Control: various bug fixes and improved VBoxManage help (bugs #8072, #11044, #12336, #12338, #12346, #12371)
    • Windows hosts: another attempt to fix the massive DPC latency (bug #6242)
    • Windows host installer: make registering file extensions optional, contributed by Tal Aloni (bug #8009)
    • Mac OS X hosts: properly sign the kernel extensions for Mavericks hosts (bug #12256)
    • Mac OS X hosts: fixed a bug where the VirtualBox dock icon was not properly removed from the dock after a VM terminated preventing Mavericks hosts from shutting down (bug #12241)
    • Mac OS X hosts: fixed minor installer issue (bug #12275)
    • Linux hosts / guests: Linux 3.13 compile fixes (bug #12358)
    • Linux guests: build the vboxvideo kernel module correctly on OL/RHEL 6.1 guests (bug #11996)
    • Linux guests: make 3D work on Slackware 14.1 (bug #12320 comments 3 and 4)
    • Guest Additions/3D: fixed an occasional dead-lock (bug #12319)
    • Windows Additions/3D: fixed possible memory leaking (bug #12228)
    • Windows Additions/XPDM: use separate tables containing valid video modes for each virtual monitor
    • Windows Additions: fixed automatic logins for Vista and newer Windows guests (bug #12332)