Sep 26, 2014

Libre Office 4.3.2

Libre Office v4.3.2.2 has been released

Piriform CCleaner 4.18

Piriform has released CCleaner v4.18


  • v4.18.4842 (25 Sep 2014)

    - Added Active System Monitoring for Free users
    - Improved Firefox Saved Password cleaning.
    - Improved Opera History cleaning.
    - Improved 64-bit build architecture for Window 8 and 8.1.
    - Added Ashampoo Burning Studio 14, XnView and FastStone Capture cleaning.
    - Improved localization support.
    - Minor GUI Improvements.
    - Minor bug fixes.

CDBurnerXP 4.5.4

CDBurnerXP v4.5.4.5067 has been released

Sep 18, 2014

JetBrains PhpStorm 8.0

JetBrains PhpStorm v8.0 has been released

Node.js 0.10.32

Node.js v0.10.32 has been released


    2014.09.16, Version 0.10.32 (Stable)
  • npm: Update to 1.4.28
  • v8: fix a crash introduced by previous release (Fedor Indutny)
  • configure: add --openssl-no-asm flag (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: use domains for any callback-taking method (Chris Dickinson)
  • http: do not send in TE HEAD responses (Fedor Indutny)
  • querystring: fix unescape override (Tristan Berger)
  • url: Add support for RFC 3490 separators (Mathias Bynens)

Adobe Adobe Reader 11.0

Adobe has released Adobe Reader v11.0.09

Sep 15, 2014

Captvty 2.2.5

Captvty v2.2.5 has been released


  • Optimisation du traitement des contenus MPEG-2 TS et suppression de la fonctionnalite de consolidation ou reparation automatique en fin de telechargement. Une reparation peut toutefois etre realisee si necessaire a partir de l'onglet Conversion.
  • Mise a jour de l'acces au direct de Canal+ et mise a jour de l'acces aux directs de D8, I>Tele et D17 dans le lecteur embarque.
  • Mise a jour de l'acces aux contenus d'Equidia.
  • Mise a jour de l'acces aux contenus du groupe TF1 dans le lecteur embarque.
  • Ajout du numero de l'episode dans la liste des emissions de France Televisions.
  • Amelioration de la prise en charge de YouTube (certains contenus etaient inaccessibles).
  • Amelioration de la prise en charge d'Arte Concert (la langue de certains contenus n'etait pas identifiee).
  • Affichage en bas de la fenetre principale de l'espace disque disponible sur le lecteur de destination.

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.16

Oracle has released VirtualBox v4.3.16.95972


    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    • VMM: fixed restoring 32-bit FPU state on 64-bit capable VMs and restoring guest FPU in raw-mode VMs (bug #12646; 4.3 regression)
    • GUI: properly restore normal/scale mode guest-screen size after exiting full-screen/seamless mode
    • GUI: mini-toolbar should provoke less artifacts/conflicts with 3D guest rendering
    • GUI: Mac OS X: Native full-screen multi-screen transition was able to blackout host-screens for nearly minute
    • GUI: X11: Modern window managers should now use native full-screen multi-screen mapping API
    • GUI: added extradata item for configuring the mouse capture behavior, see the manual for more information (bug #3506)
    • Storage: fixed a VBoxSVC crash when querying an iSCSI target with authentication configured (4.3.14 regression)
    • Storage: fixed a rare data corruption during reads if another allocating write is running concurrently and accesses the same range
    • Storage: fixed a rare crash for certain VHD images from other products
    • Storage: fixed a rare release assertion when using the AHCI controller
    • Floppy: fixed read errors and guest memory corruption when running under control of QEMM
    • 3D: added experimental support for rendering on offline GPUs for Mac OS X host
    • 3D: fixed white window appearing on entering FullScreen mode on OSX host
    • 3D: fixed video recording support for 3D data regression (bug #13073)
    • 3D: fixes for MS Office 2013 support
    • 3D: several fixes
    • Bridged Networking: improved IPv6 support when bridging to a wireless interface
    • NAT: prevent internal DNS service from stuck in host-resolver mode when host was switched from one network to another one while host was sleeping (Mac OS X hosts)
    • NAT: preserve DF (if possible) and TOS when proxying outbound UDP datagrams (bugs #9440#12309)
    • NAT: don't let multicast datagrams out (bug #7338)
    • NAT: fixed handling of large incoming UDP datagrams on Windows hosts (bug #12136)
    • NAT: fixed handling of the RFC 1533 DHCP PAD option
    • NAT Network: fixed inbound half-close on Windows hosts
    • NAT Network: preserve IPv4 DF (if possible), TTL, TOS and IPv6 Hop Limit when proxying outbound UDP datagrams
    • VRDP: fixed a rare crash when using remote audio input
    • USB: fixed several regressions from 4.3.14 (bug #13320)
    • Audio: made the HDA sound emulation work with certain OSX guests (e.g. Mountain Lion)
    • Windows hosts: fixed startup problems on certain Windows hosts due to conflicts with anti-virus software (4.3.14 regression, bug #13187)
    • Windows hosts: fixed 4.3.14 regression whereby AltGr stopped working for some people (bug #13216)
    • X11 hosts: made the extra key on Brazilian Thinkpads work (bug #8745)
    • X11 hosts: fixed a problem of input focus cycles and immediately released key presses in full screen mode (bug #13238)
    • Linux hosts: fixed flooding the kernel log with USB related messages when passing through certain USB devices to a VM (bug #13085)
    • Linux guests: stop applications crashing when drm_wait_vblank is called (bug #13265)
    • Linux guests: fix a crash in gnome-session (bug #13335)
    • X11 guests: do not start VBoxClient over an SSH connection (bug #13107)
    • X11 guests: added support for X.Org Server 1.16 (bug #13207)
    • X11 guests: fixed a wrong parameter in the video driver which caused problems with full-screen X11 clients (bug #2748)
    • VirtualKD: introduced stub/loader device for speeding up Windows kernel debugging, details see

Mozilla Thunderbird 31.1.1

Mozilla has released Thunderbird v31.1.1

Mozilla Firefox 32.0.1

Mozilla has released Firefox v32.0.1

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.6

Microsoft Security Essentials v4.6.305.0 has been released

Sep 9, 2014

Adobe Adobe Air 15.0

Adobe has released Adobe Air v15.0.0.249

Notepad 6.6.9

Notepad v6.6.9 has been released


  • Fix comment command bug that the comment symbols isn't set on the first column for Fortran.
  • Add python parson for function List.
  • Make icons' background colour transparent for functionList and projectManager.
  • New feature: Apply new file default settings on created new file (opened via command line).
  • Fix colour picker' chooser bug which does not work well.
  • Sep 4, 2014

    POEdit 1.6.9

    POEdit v1.6.9 has been added to Soft2base
    Dev tool to manage apps translations.

    Sep 2, 2014

    Opera 24.0

    Opera v24.0.1558.53 has been released


    Opera 24

    Release notes

    Release date: 2014-09-02

    Fixes and stability enhancements since Opera 23

    General and User Interface

    Opera 24 includes updates to the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 37.
    Hover your mouse over a tab to preview its contents.
    On Windows, the chrome has been improved to better distinguish private windows.

    Improvements since Opera 23

    • Stability enhancements.
    • Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.
    • Fixes and enhancements for how Opera handles HiDPI on Windows.

    Glary Utilities 5.7

    Glary Utilities v5.7.0.14 has been released