Sep 21, 2017

Google Drive is now Backup and Sync 3.36

Google has released Google Backup And Sync v3.36.6721.3394. New name of Gooogle Drive

AbiWord for windows is over

AbiWord for Windows is no longer available, See for more information

IMPORTANT: Piriform CCleaner 5.35

Piriform has released CCleaner v5.35.

Do not use v5.33-32bits as it contains a malware

Adobe Adobe Air 27.0

Adobe has released Adobe Air v27.0.0.124

Apple iTunes 12.7.0

Apple has released iTunes v12.7.0.166

Adobe Flash Player 27.0

Adobe has released Flash Player v27.0.0.130

GlarySoft Glary Utilities 5.84

GlarySoft has released Glary Utilities v5.84.0.105

Google Chrome 61.0

Google has released Chrome v61.0.3163.91

JetBrains Intellij Idea Ultimate 2017.2.4

JetBrains has released Intellij Idea Ultimate v2017.2.4

JetBrains PhpStorm 2017.2.4

JetBrains has released PhpStorm v2017.2.4

JetBrains WebStorm 2017.2.4

JetBrains has released WebStorm v2017.2.4

Node.js 8.5.0

Node.js v8.5.0 has been released

Opera 47.0

Opera v47.0.2631.80 has been released

Python 2.7.14

Python v2.7.14.150 has been released

UltraVnc 1.2.1

UltraVnc v1.2.1.6 has been released

Oracle VirtualBox 5.1.28

Oracle has released VirtualBox v5.1.28.117968

WinSCP 5.11.1

WinSCP v5.11.1 has been released

XnView 2.41

XnView v2.41 has been released

Sep 1, 2017

7-Zip 17.01

7-Zip v17.01 has been released

Mozilla Firefox 55.0.2

Mozilla has released Firefox v55.0.2

GlarySoft Glary Utilities 5.82

GlarySoft has released Glary Utilities v5.82.0.103

Google Chrome 60.0

Google has released Chrome v60.0.3112.113

JetBrains Intellij Idea Ultimate 2017.2.3

JetBrains has released Intellij Idea Ultimate v2017.2.3

JetBrains PhpStorm 2017.2.2

JetBrains has released PhpStorm v2017.2.2

JetBrains WebStorm 2017.2.3

JetBrains has released WebStorm v2017.2.3

Libre Office 5.4.1

Libre Office v5.4.1.2 has been released

Notepad 7.5.1

Notepad v7.5.1 has been released

Opera 47.0

Opera v47.0.2631.71 has been released

2BrightSparks SyncBack

2BrightSparks has released SyncBack v8.2.18.0

Teamviewer 12.0

Teamviewer v12.0.82216 has been released

Subversion CLI 1.9.7

Subversion CLI v1.9.7.149 has been released

Tortoise SVN 1.9.7

Tortoise SVN v1.9.7.27907 has been released