Mar 31, 2015

Glary Utilities 5.22

Glary Utilities v5.22.0.41 has been released

Teamviewer 10.0

Teamviewer v10.0.40798 has been released

Mar 26, 2015

Teamviewer 10.0.40642

Teamviewer v10.0.40642 has been released

Piriform CCleaner 5.04

Piriform has released CCleaner v5.04


  • v5.04.5151 (25 Mar 2015)

    - Added Include items option to ignore newer files.
    - Improved Opera history cleaning.
    - Improved Skip UAC functionality.
    - Optimized system restore detection routine.
    - Improved small screen size support.
    - Improved localization and language support.
    - Minor GUI Improvements.
    - Minor bug fixes.

WinSCP 5.7.1

WinSCP v5.7.1 has been released


Release notes for WinSCP 5.7.1 (2015-03-25)

 - MD5: f58b3345e109fa6c0bc9b764e628957d
 - SHA1: f6ab571e912982e39d9576875c3ea81b75ca402d
 - Installation package
 - Includes translations:
   Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese,
   Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Simplified
   Chinese, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish
 - In addition to installing application executable file,
   it can install public key tools (Pageant, PuTTYgen) and
   create start menu items, desktop icons etc.
 - Also includes Windows shell extension for direct drag&drop downloads and
   console interface tool for running scripts from command-line
 - For more details see
 - MD5: 0249ba1f98b60f5c8173d49381ecbc97
 - SHA1: 5d3fe6a3824779779cce837e343ecc59a9f91278
 - Standalone executable files
 - Can be used as is, program does not require installation
 - MD5: 7efdc95af75bd651b1be873219ede751
 - SHA1: 38ac7b5b6907c3cb21c0fbb3303aea6e91dc76c7
 - .NET wrapper around WinSCP scripting interface
 - Assembly is exposed to COM
 - MD5: 60157321428bd82110e03bf10a0ca14e
 - SHA1: e3c2c9e49e619f7991f3d5f290b36f345bd50af8
 - Source code for this release
 - Also accessible on CVS

Mar 24, 2015

Node.js 0.12.1

Node.js v0.12.1 has been released


    2015.03.23, Version 0.12.1 (Stable)
  • openssl: upgrade to 1.0.1m (Addressing multiple CVES)

Mar 17, 2015

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.26

Oracle has released VirtualBox v4.3.26.98988

Glary Utilities 5.21

Glary Utilities v5.21.0.40 has been released

Slysoft AnyDVD

Slysoft has released AnyDVD v7.5.9.0

ChangeLog 2015 03 16
  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • New (Blu-ray): Added option to remove country code lock
  • New (DVD): Support for new discs
  • Updated languages

Mar 16, 2015

Captvty 2.3.5

Captvty v2.3.5 has been released


  • Mise a jour de l'acces au direct de Gulli.
  • Mise a jour de l'acces a tous les contenus d'ICI TOU.TV.
  • Ajout de la prise en charge des adresses dans le module de telechargement manuel.
  • Mise a jour de l'acces aux contenus de BeIN SPORTS et suppression du direct.

Mar 12, 2015

POEdit 1.7.5

POEdit v1.7.5 has been released

Piriform Defraggler 2.19


Release notes

  • v2.19.982 (11 Mar 2015)

    - Added move Files or Folders to end of drive.
    - Improved SSD Optimize and Quick Optimize.
    - Added new scriptable /CHECKERRORS parameter to check drive for errors.
    - Added option to disable auto Benchmark after Defrag.
    - Improved localization support.
    - Minor GUI improvements.

Piriform Defraggler 2.19


Piriform Defraggler 2.19

Piriform has released Defraggler v2.19


(4,426 kb)

Mar 11, 2015

Google Google Chrome 41.0

Google has released Google Chrome v41.0.2272.89

Notepad 6.7.5

Notepad v6.7.5 has been released


  • Add ghost typing feature: launch Notepad with the auto-typing text from command line (via command line with argument -qn, -qt or -qf).
  • Fix auto-insert bad behaviour : under some condition typing ' or ' makes erase the further ' or '.
  • Fix the crash issue while user Ctrl double click on an empty document.
  • Fix crash bug on loading dropbox settings.
  • Show progress window instead of a static window during FindInFiles and ReplaceInFiles.
  • Filename rendered incorrectly on tab bar while it contains '
  • Opera 28.0

    Opera v28.0.1750.40 has been released

    Mar 6, 2015

    NEW: Mozilla Firefox ESR 31.5.0 is now in the Catalog

    Mozilla has released Firefox ESR v31.5.0

    Numerous administrators were asking for this Extended Support channel.

    For personal use, we still recommend the usual Firefox, currently at 36.0.1

    Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1

    Mozilla has released Firefox v36.0.1

    Mar 4, 2015

    2BrightSparks SyncBack

    2BrightSparks has released SyncBack v7.3.0.5


    SyncBackFree V7.3.0.5 (March 2015)

    Fixed: Expansion of Windows environment variables

    Oracle Java 8.0.40

    Oracle has released Java v8.0.40.b25

    Google Google Chrome 41.0

    Google has released Google Chrome v41.0.2272.76

    Mar 3, 2015

    Glary Utilities 5.20

    Glary Utilities v5.20.0.35 has been released

    Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.24

    Oracle has released VirtualBox v4.3.24.98716


      VirtualBox 4.3.24 (released 2015-03-02)

      This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

      • VMM: emulation fix for the ENTER instruction under certain conditions