Oct 25, 2012

Soft2base 3.0c

Soft2base 3.0 has been released 

The link remains the same: http://download.soft2base.com/soft2base.exe

The library format is still using the same (version c). Therefore it is compatible with Soft2base 2.1 and 3.0

When Soft2base 2.x is started, you will be asked to update or not.

This is a major update focusing on the stability of the interface:
  • Select All/Unselect All visible applications
  • Display icons next to filter captions
  • Enhanced display when enlarging the window
  • Added a scroll bar in the language select box
  • New logo
  • Smoother display of the applications list
  • The progress bar of the installation is blue to differentiate it from the download ones (green). (Vista+ only)
  • Enhanced GUI code for a better GUI experience
  • Log entry when an application requires another one
  • New applications: FlashPlayer for IE, TortoiseSVN

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