Oct 1, 2012

Python 3.3.0

The Python 3 project is now v3.3.0

Retrieve it as python3 in the catalag.

Note: Python 2.7.3 is also available in Soft2base catalog, as python2 $


New syntax features:
  • New yield from expression for generator delegation.
  • The u'unicode' syntax is accepted again for str objects.
New library modules:
  • faulthandler (helps debugging low-level crashes)
  • ipaddress (high-level objects representing IP addresses and masks)
  • lzma (compress data using the XZ / LZMA algorithm)
  • unittest.mock (replace parts of your system under test with mock objects)
  • venv (Python virtual environments, as in the popular virtualenv package)
New built-in features:
Implementation improvements:
Significantly Improved Library Modules:
Security improvements:
  • Hash randomization is switched on by default.

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