Jan 18, 2012

What's new in the future v2.0

The upcoming Soft2base v2.0 is a complete rewritting of the application in order to overcome limitations seen in v1.x

What's so exciting ?
  • The downloads are done in parallel
  • First downloaded First installed
  • Multi-language installation (added spanish, portuguese, german, dutch, japanese ....)
  • Save / Load list of applications in profiles
  • Compare applications version (older, same, new, newest) to ease upgrades
  • Advanced configuration stored in a custom ini file (soft2base.ini by default)
  • The executable and the application database are totally splitted 
  • Dynamic GUI language selection (currently En/Fr)
As before
  • Applications are stored by theme
  • The offline mode (for setup from USB drive) has been improved
  • Silent mode
Release Date
  • We expect to release Soft2base 2.0 in March 2012

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