Sep 21, 2012

PiriForm Speccy 1.18

PiriForm has release Speccy 1.18


  • v1.18.379 (20 Sep 2012)
    - Added detection of .NET version. 
    - Added Security Options to Operating System. 
    - Improved calculation method for System Uptime. 
    - Added Network Access to Sharing and Discovery. 
    - Operating System language is now displayed in full. 
    - Improved detection of hard drive manufacturers. 
    - Improved analysis of Active Power Scheme. 
    - Added support for 30 minute timezones. 
    - Time zone now recognizes GMT and UTC as the same thing. 
    - Time of last Windows update is now correctly interpreted. 
    - Fixed issue that could cause the webcam manufacturer to be incorrectly reported. 
    - 'Simple File Sharing' and 'File and Printer Sharing' are now correct on XP. 
    - Fixed Wi-Fi SSID reporting on Windows 7. 
    - Minor GUI improvements.

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