Feb 26, 2014

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.8

Oracle has released VirtualBox v4.3.8.92456


    VirtualBox 4.3.8 (released 2014-02-25)

    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    • VMM: more work on improving the emulation of certain MSR registers (e.g. bugs #12224#12544)
    • VMM: fixed a VERR_INVALID_RPL Guru Meditation when booting certain guests (bug #11350)
    • VMM: experimental support for SSE 4.1 / SSE 4.2 passthrough, see the manual for more information how to enable it (bug #8651)
    • VMM: fix for recent Linux kernels with software virtualization
    • GUI: experimental HID LEDs synchronization for Windows hosts, see the manual for more information
    • GUI: warn the user if the Oracle Extension Pack is not installed and the user tries to activate the remote display feature (bug #9104)
    • GUI: make sure that a minimized guest (using mini toolbar in fullscreen/seamless mode) keeps the minimized state (bug #12199)
    • GUI: popup banner's "do not show this message again" check-box replaced with corresponding button
    • GUI: network adapter cables can now be connected/disconnected directly through the running virtual machine Devices / Network menu a Network status-bar indicator
    • GUI: the new VM wizard now proposes 64-bit guests on 64-bit hosts by default; better distinction between 32-bit OS types 64-bit OS types (bug #12533)
    • GUI: better error message if appliance import fails (bug #12657)
    • GUI: allow to set host-combination to 'None' using the Global settings / Input page (bug #12730)
    • GUI: don't switch the guest to a black screen during online snapshot merge (4.3 regression)
    • VBoxManage: when exporting an appliance, support the suppression of MAC addresses, which means they will be always recreated on import, avoiding duplicate MAC addresses for VMs which are imported several times
    • AHCI: fixed a VM hang during suspend under certain circumstances
    • AHCI: fixed a VM hang during online snapshot merge under certain circumstances
    • AHCI: fixed a bug which resulted in Windows XP guest hangs if a SATA CDROM is attached (bug #12417)
    • AHCI: fixed a Guru Meditation under certain conditions
    • AHCI: ejecting a CD/DVD medium failed under certain conditions
    • AHCI: disk hotplugging fixes
    • NAT: transparent handling of host sleep/resume and network configuration changes if the dnsproxy is enabled or if the hostresolver is used (bug #12441)
    • NAT: fixed crash and misbehaviour under some circumstances with ICMP packets having TTL=1
    • NAT Network: fixed IPv6 reassembly
    • NAT Network: ping proxy implemented
    • OVF: fixed reading of the OVF 0.9 section element (4.3 regression; bug #12345)
    • OVF: several fixes
    • 3D: several fixes, multiscreen fixes (e.g. bug #9124)
    • 3D: include 3D content in captured videos (bug #12666)
    • 3D: include 3D content in captured screenshot (bug #11758)
    • VGA: proper handling of legacy graphics modes if the Guest Additions are active (bug #6649)
    • USB: fixed crash during isochronous transfer under rare circumstances
    • BIOS: better disk geometry handling of SCSI drives
    • API: fix crashes in Java API clients using the XPCOM binding, happened with output parameters only (bug #11232)
    • VBoxSVC: documented the handling of host power management events (see the manual for more information) and added an extradata item for configuring the handling of the battery-low event (bug #9925)
    • VBoxSVC: fixed a bug which could trigger a crash if a VM snapshot was restored the second time and the VM has associated bandwidth groups (bug #12569)
    • VBoxSVC: properly detect ifconfig if located in /bin (bug #12713)
    • Shared Folders: fixed a failure to restore transient shared folders when starting a VM from a saved state (bug #12578)
    • Mac OS X hosts: fixed issue when the application icon was frozen in the dock if the bridging interface was not connected to a network (bug #12241)
    • Linux hosts: also consider the physical package ID when determining the number of physical CPU cores
    • Linux hosts / guests: don't warn in kernel log if memory allocation fails (bug #11171)
    • Solaris hosts: fixed the autostart SMF script (bug #11720)
    • Windows hosts: fixes for non-ANSI code page user names and similar environment contents (bug #12596)
    • Windows hosts / guests: fixed setting and using a guest user's process environment variables (relevant for Guest Control)
    • Windows Additions: fixed handle leaks in VBoxTray (bug #12563)
    • Windows Additions: fixed a crash while detecting active guest users
    • Windows Additions: fixed restoring backed up D3D files on XPDM -> WDDM upgrade
    • Guest Control: fixed setting and using a guest user's process environment variables
    • Linux Additions: support Enterprise Linux 6.5 kernels (bug #12505)
    • Linux Additions: fixed CPU hot-remove on newer Linux kernels
    • Linux / Solaris Additions: don't automount a shared folder which is already mounted
    • X11 Additions: support X.Org Server 1.15 (bug #12623)

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