Mar 26, 2014

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.10

Oracle has released VirtualBox v4.3.10.92957


    VirtualBox 4.3.10 (released 2014-03-25)

    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    • VMM: more work on improving the emulation of certain MSR registers on certain host CPUs  
    • VMM: fixed single-stepping for real-mode guests (VT-x without unrestricted guest execution) and some I/O instructions  
    • VMM: fixed a potential problem with COW pages if nested paging is not available
    • GUI: Mac OS X: experimental native full screen support for Mountain Lion and Mavericks  
    • GUI: Mac OS X: removed the mini-toolbar minimize button which doesn't work under Mac OS X full screen mode anyway
    • GUI: experimental HID LEDs synchronization for Windows and Mac OS X hosts: fixed keyboard re-synchronization if the feature is disabled 
    • GUI: fixed a potential crash when opening the preferences menu
    • OVF: fixed a crash of the VirtualBox Manager when re-starting guest export 
    • 3D support: several fixes
    • HGCM: fixed a problem with saved states which could cause several guest misbehavior after a VM was started from a saved state
    • Storage: fixed a bug preventing to compact differential snapshots under certain conditions
    • VBoxSVC: fixed a segmentation fault on Linux hosts if a very long path exists under /dev  
    • API: fixed guest misbehavior under certain conditions if a storage medium was attached or removed at VM runtime
    • Windows installer: make the --silent parameter work again 
    • Mac OS X Networking: prevent local traffic (VM-to/from-host) from leaking to wire  
    • Windows Additions: fixed the environment for guest processes  
    • Windows Additions/WDDM: fixed divide by zero exception with multiple guest screens under certain conditions
    • Linux Additions: install correctly on Ubuntu guest systems with a /usr/lib64 directory 
    • X11 Additions: fix for the VBoxClient process not exiting correctly  and consuming too much processor time

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