Apr 8, 2013

KeePass 2.22

KeePass 2.22 is available

New Features:
  • When the option for remembering key sources is enabled, KeePass now also remembers whether the user account is required.
  • Added 'View' -> 'Grouping in Entry List' menu.
  • Added 'Close active database' trigger action.
  • Added '-ioiscomplete' command line option, which tells KeePass that the path and file system credentials are complete (the 'Open URL' dialog will not be displayed then).
  • Added support for importing SafeWallet XML files (3.0.4 and 3.0.5).
  • Added support for importing TurboPasswords 5.0.1 CSV files.
  • LastPass CSV importer: added support for group trees.
  • Alle meine Passworte XML importer: added support for custom fields and group names with special characters.
  • Password Safe XML importer: added support for the e-mail field.
  • Added 'Help' button in the generic CSV importer dialog.
  • Added workaround for .NET bug 642188; top visible list view items are now remembered in details view with groups enabled.
  • Added workaround for Mono form title bar text update bug (which e.g. caused bug 801414).
Improvements / Changes:
  • After closing a character picking dialog, KeePass now explicitly activates the previous window.
  • Improved behavior when cancelling the icon picker dialog.
  • Main window activation redirection now works with all KeePass dialogs automatically.
  • The window state of the current database is now remembered before opening another database.
  • Previous parameters are now discarded when switching between different trigger event/condition/action types.
  • Unified separators in group paths.
  • The UI state is now updated after adding an entry and clicking an entry reference link in the entry view.
  • The '-entry-url-open' command line option now searches for matching entries in all open databases.
  • Improved database context determination when opening an URL.
  • Added support for special values in date/time fields imported from KeePass 1.x.
  • Improved HTML entity decoding (support for more entities and CDATA sections, improved performance, ...).
  • RoboForm HTML importer: URLs are converted to lower-case now and support for a special order rotation of attributes has been added.
  • Removed Password Gorilla CSV importer; users should use the generic CSV importer (which can import more data than the old specialized CSV importer).
  • Improved file discoveries.
  • Improved test form entry auto-type window definition.
  • In the MSI package, the version is now included in the product name.
  • Native key transformation library: replaced Boost threads by Windows API threads (because Boost threads can result in crashes on restricted Windows 7 x64 systems).
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.
  • (None).

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