Apr 22, 2013

Outdated version on some application homepages

This is a very odd situation: for 2 major applications, their web site is not reporting the correct version !

Case 1: Mozilla Firefox 20.0.1 is proposed as upgrade when starting Firefox, whereas the Firefox homepage is still refering to 20.0

Case 2: Pifiform Defraggler 2.14 has been announced then disappeared, back to 2.13

This situation has already been detected by Soft2base scanners when Miscrosoft Silverlight 5.1 was released: the homepage was still refereing 5.0 from time to time. This disappeared after some months (!)

This is probably due to outdated pages on external web cache like Akamai.

The important point is that the files for the latest versions are available for download :)

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