Apr 15, 2013

XnView 2.00

XnView for Windows is now at version 2.00


[File]/HiddenDescription added
Metro toolbar style


OpenJPEG instead of JasPer for JPEG2000

High DPI support
Clipboard & 32bits
PDF viewing
IPTC, tab not correctly restored
KRO vulnerability
Print comment, text missing 
Working_* added for OpenWith
Copy menu in information panel (Properties, exif, iptc, ...)
SlideShow save as wpl playlist
APK can be opened -
Better support for windows 8
Image from capture & photomasque
'Add text' in batch convert, black text
'convert to colors' not correclty saved
'Sort by name' in slideshow dialog
Secunia SA47352
Slideshow & watch folder, problem if files are removed
NConvert: autodeskew
NConvert: clipboard
NConvert: Resize by shortest/longest side

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